quarta-feira, 15 de maio de 2013

Become free

Freedom is what all of us wants, but we try to achieve it in different ways, some of us try it through work, others through relationships, but all this things are external things.
The real freedom can only be realized from within, when we stop trying to be what we are not, when we allow our selves to just stand still and observe, we will find out that in fact we are free.
Only a illusion of being what we are not can makes us believe that we are limited by this body and the mind that controls it, but this limited idea of self,the ego, is just an illusion; is just another thought happening in our mind, not just the limited mind, but the essence mind.
Stop for a minute and look for the "I" you think you are, can you find it anywhere?
No you can't, the body is real for you, the emotions are real for you, the thoughts are real for you, but the you are not real. It's just another thought.
Don't believe it because I say so, look for it and find for your self.
All that is real, that exists is life being lived by itself, life is a flow, life is perfect as it is, you are life, only a limited idea of self creates the illusion that you are something else.
You are enough as you are, let go of that limited idea and just observe, allow the flow of life to get you, to free you.

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