segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013

The turmoil of thinking

Trying to overcome the limitations set by the ego that tells us that we are not enough, that we have to suffer in order to, maybe one day, be happy.Trying to stop the turmoil of thinking and start feeling with the heart, listening to the essence and let it guide my path in this human experience. But them the doubts appear and reality bring proofs of that doubting, and mess daily life, and we feel that we can´t control what happens to us, that we are a victim of circumstances. The ego wants to keep control, and makes us believe that we are limited, that we have to be satisfied with our separation from everybody else, that the world is a dangerous place and we have to fight in order to keep surviving.But then we stop for a while  just breathing, just standing still in silence.

What am I suppose to do? I am suppose to do something or I think that I have to do something? What is the purpose of this life?How can I really know my purpose and fulfill it? How do I know that what I think is my purpose is in fact my purpose or just a thought of the limited idea of me, the ego. When I believe that I am my thoughts I am limiting myself, but then I stand still in silence and allow myself to observe, just observe the thoughts, that comes and goes. And in that state I am unlimited, I am the space of all possibilities and the need to understand ends, because my essence is perfect as it is, is perfect as it was created by God. The issue is to accomplish being in that state of pure awareness all the time while living this human experience.

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