quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2014

Evolving the ego

Ego is this limited idea that you believe to define yourself. And in itself this idea produces no problems for you. Problems as you see them, arise from your total identification and attachment to this idea.

Everything that happens in your life, judged to be able to put in danger such idea, will be rejected by you. Because you believe that it can harm you, and ultimatly kill you. But nothing can harm or diminish your essence.

Knowing your true self you will remember that you are simple and perfect as you are. You can remember that right now, if you are prepared to deal with such energy level within this body. 

As humans, playing the ego's game, we have the ability to wake up imediatly, but it will occur only if we are prepared to deal with such high energy frequencies. The 'normal' path is to have experiences that allows us to evolve the ego, to perfect it.

And it takes time to do it. Time as we know it exist just for that reason, to allow us to gradually envolve and integrate new levels of consciousness. This body that we carry around works in a low frequency level, if it upgraded instantly to high frequencies levels it would desintegrate.

To our essence this is not necessary, essence knows no bounderies, it's unlimited and perfect. This human experiencies are just a way to consciousness become conscious of itself from several point of views.

So relax, enjoy the ride, play along. Love what is as it is, you are it.

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