segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2014

Cosmic joke

The Cosmic joke comes to your awareness when you realize that all is perfect as it is and it couldn't be anyway else. You realize that there's nothing and no thing to attach to. That no matter what happens it is okay, you already accepted it. Not the you you think you are, but the essential you, the core of your being.

The limited idea of self, the ego, that you you believe to be abiding in that body that you carry around have, if mented to be, to experience a lot in order to be ready to grasp this cosmic joke. Because it ain't the purpose of this human game, of this human experience. It's not supposed to realize what we are in essence, only a few of us realize that, as reminder to everybody else of the truth.

But anyone can realize the truth instantaneously, because they can't not be what they truly are. 

The purpose of this ego's game, of this human game is to be limited in order to allow consciousness to be conscious of itself, in order to awareness be aware of itself. All its okay, nothing is left outside of the absolute, no matter the shape it appears within the absolute, all is okay, because it's what happens, nothing is ever lost.

You may have realized that I've been calling it different names, names are just words, symbols of symbols they have power assigned by us with our attention, our energy puted into it. But this names, this concepts can't  diminish whatsoever the truth of our essence, of the absolute. This concepts are just useful as a mean of communication in this human realm.

Within this ego's game the quest for more and more, keeps you running in autopilot, always searching and rarely being satisfied with what you get. Whenever you reach a goal, new ones arise keeping you busy, keeping you stuck within this limitation of separation from all else.

When you accept reality as it is, whatever it may be for you in any given moment, without attachment you realize that you are enlightened. 

True enlightenment is achieved within the difficulties of daily occurrences, if you choose to isolate yourself in a top of a mountain you can create the illusion of inner peace, of enlightenment but when you come in the middle of human rush all goes away.

It's mostly the people near to us that can help us realize our true essence, our enlightened being. Our best friend in the world are the ones that we dislike, that can push the buttons and take us away of our "normality"  and the loved ones, that we haven't chosen, they will show us who we really are by the way we behave around them.

The cosmic joke is that all is okay, there's no one separate who can be hurted, who can be diminished. We are life, all of it.  

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