segunda-feira, 12 de maio de 2014

Stop trying and you'll get it

Stop trying and you will get it, it is the trying that prevents you to realize that what you are really looking for, you already are it, you already have it. The question is that what you really want it's not what you think you want.

The idea of need, the idea of lack keeps you in the loop of searching but not finding satisfaction. When you think you have accomplished and obtained what you wanted, a new need arises and all starts over. It's a never ending quest. The search for more and more.

And it is so, because you can't get what you already have and are. If you have a cup filled to the top you can't add nothing more in it. You are perfect as you are, there's nothing to add to what you really are.

But what you are it's not what you think you are. Whatever you think you are, you're not it. Human mind is limited to grasp the fullness, the vastness, the wholeness of what we are truly. I won't tell you what you are because I can't tell you. No human being can. Only an illusion of answer can be achieved.

As I see it, the point ain't to grasp our true essence, because we are it, there's nothing to grasp really. As humans we play this game of limitation in order to allow essence to be aware of itself in its different manifestations.

From a human being it is asked to play along, to enjoy the ride moment by moment. To accept reality as it is.
And it includes the idea of getting something more, the idea of evolution. Whatever happens in our experience as humans it's okay, because we already accepted it. Otherwise it wouldn't happen.

Stop trying so hard, stop fighting reality trying to make it something different than what it is. But if you think that you have to try it once again, and again. It's okay too, til you're ready to realize how perfect and simple all is.

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