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Dealing with What If

What If is whether a question of possibility or of fear to you. It is your focus that makes it one or the other. If you make yours what ifs a question of possibility they allow you to expand your horizons, to elevate your level of awareness. Making them open your limits and consider multiple points of view of reality, without forcing, or better said, trying to force reality to be as you think it should be.

When your what ifs are a question of possibility you realize that you are connected with everything, that there is no separation between you and life. Life ain't something external to you, it is all you, appearing in multiple expressions.

Possibility is what miracles are made of. 

Impossible cannot enter into the concept of what if, powered by possibility. To your essence there is no limits, no boundaries. It knows no time, or space. Infinite possibilities are within reach. No thought, or idea can diminish whatsoever your true nature. 

Even when you believe to be this body and mind running it, in reality it is all illusion. And it is okay to be like that, it is an experience only available to a human being to experience. It is a process of awareness being aware of itself from a limited point of view. With that in mind you can relax and enjoy the ride with detachment.

When you take yours what ifs as a question of fear, you are choosing to limit more yourself. To limit the idea of yourself and believing so, you allow yourself to suffer, because suffering is a story created by your mind, based on fear and pain.

And as you created it you believe in it. This belief makes you search and find proofs to confirm the story created by you. It is a loop. A  self-fulfilled prophecy than limit even more the way you perceive yourself and the relationship you establish with your reality.

Being a question of fear, your what ifs diminish your sense of possibility, your sense of worth.

You feel to be at war with what is, never satisfied, ever searching for the next thing, ever searching to fill the void within but focusing in the material things, in the dependence of others to give you what you deny to yourself, making you very exigent on them, making them responsible to your happiness and fulfillment.

It up to you to choose peace or war. When you resist what is you are surrendering to fear, you are choosing to create limits where there is none. But you can just choose to accept what is, to love it all as it is. And doing that you realize that peace were always within you. You realize that there is nothing lacking in you, that you are perfect as you are.

There is nothing you have to do, rather than let things be as they are, rather than let go the need to control and let be. Try it for yourself and see the difference in your life.

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