sábado, 12 de janeiro de 2013

Forgiveness is the key for happiness

Our essence is perfect as it is, it is happy, peaceful and full of joy, but most of us don't feel it in their everyday life in this human experience. What prevents us from experiencing our happy essence is the fact that we are absent from our lives, we dwell in the past or we are anxious about the future.
Actually what happens in your life is not perceived as it is, because you automatically compare it with past references in your mind and you judge what happens based in that assumptions not on what actually happens.
The past memories are the filters in which you see your present, you compare everything with this memories.
And when you have past memories that are painful for you, you shut yourself in a prison shell and you won't experience life as it is in the now.
You are so focused in the past that your aren't willing to realize how perfect you really are and choose to believe in this illusion, this limited idea of yourself, that is unworthy of being happy, that is very much occupied with regrets and bitterness fulled with memories of the past.
But you have forgiveness to set you free, forgiveness is all about self-love, it has nothing to do with what other people may have done to you, what happened happened, you can't change it.You can only change the effect that you allow that past memories to have in your present moment.
Those past memories exist only because you feed them with your attention and emotion, they are just thoughts in your mind, observe them and let them go, you are the space where that thoughts arise and not the thoughts themselves.
You have the choice through forgiveness to choose to be aligned, to be focused with your essence in the now.
Allow life to take care of you, to show you the way in which you can be fully aware of that place in you where peace and pure unconditional love abides.

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