terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2013

The limited idea

Letting go the limited idea of self, in order to find the true Self.

It's all an illusion the world I live in, it's all a creation of the ego, based upon the idea of scarcity, of lacking, making me believing that I'm not enough, that I've to do more, I've to be more.

The only person I can let down, that I can deceive is myself, the others exist only linked to me, we are all one, I don't have to please no one but myself, in doing that I will please others too, when I'm aligned with my essence, I'm aligned with life, with all existence.

The only real thing is love, everything else is just a illusion, that exists only as far as I allow it, as long as I believe in it.

I can choose now to let go of control and let life unfolds in me and for me, I can choose to be free of all concepts, that tells me who I am, or what I am, or what I am suppose to do. Letting go all concepts what remains is the true Self, it is as it is.

The Self is perfect it needs nothing to be as it is, in this human experience I can loose the idea of understanding and just accept the feelings that run through me, guiding me to real knowledge, to perfect awareness.

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