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Tips to become enlightened

This post title caught your attention, better said caught the attention of the limited idea of you, the ego.

 The ego has this game of search but don't find. Making you believe that you are uncomplete, that something is lacking in you and that you have to go out in the world to search for it. And sometimes you will appear to find somethings you were looking for, but rather soon than later, the search for a new thing will start.

The ego is ever unsatisfied and it's this dissatisfaction that keeps you stuck to this limited idea. Always hoping to find what you think laked in you. While doing that you won't realize that you already are all you could dream to be and that you have all you thought was missing in you.

  Enlightenment ain't something you can become. There's nothing you can or have to do in order to be enlightened. Enlightenment is just a concept, another goal that the ego establishes to keep is game going on to the ones in search to evolve spiritually.

Whatever you are looking for is the search for it that prevents you from attain it. While you are occupied in the search you are looking away from what you are right here and now. If there is something for you to do is to stop the search and accept yourself as you are and as is your reality.

Life is perfect as it is and you are life also.

Be present for what you are, love what you are, love what is. Whatever happens in your reality you've already approved it in your higher self, otherwise it wouldn't happen. Being present allows you to experience it fully. Sometimes what happens seams to be bad and others seams to be good. And it's all okay. All comes and goes, nothing is permanent, only your essence is.

Whatever is perceived is relative within the absolute, all is ever flowing, ever mutating within the absolute. Thoughts come and go, it is your attention that makes them relevant in your reality or not. Whatever happens shall pass too but your essence continues to be perfect.

Enlightenment is the enjoyment of reality as it is without attachment. So enjoy, seize the now.

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