quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2016

Trust in your intuition

Trust what you feel with your heart. Feelings allow you to be more aware of your body and of your mind. But realize that you are not your feelings, they happen in you, but they don't limit you, unless you allow it. The way you feel let you know if you are aligned with your essence or not. 

When you feel bad with yourself, when you feel unworthy, that is a sign of disconnection. You believe to be separate from everything else, you believe life to be something that happens to you and sometimes it is good for you and others not so good. 

If that is your case, don't worry about it. It is normal in this human reality, but know that it can be different. Just be more aware of your true essence and you will realize that no matter what occurs you still perfect as you are. 

That doesn't mean that you will be happy with everything, but when you are not happy with what comes in your way, with the way you feel, you know that it will pass, it won't last and that your essence is ever perfect as is.

Be open to your intuition. Let it guide you from your heart. Intuition is your essence talking to you, it is your higher-self cuddling you, letting you know that you are not alone. No matter how worse things may seem, you can deal with it, your inner strength is more than enough to overcome it.

In order to listen your intuition you just have to be present in the now. And the good news is that, you don't have to do nothing to be present in the now, you are always in the now, because only now exists. You may be deluded with your thoughts, thinking in a past time or in a future time. Even when you do that it can only happen in the now.

Whatever your thoughts are they present itself to you in the now. Thoughts come and go while you remain in the now observing them. It is your attention and attachment to your thoughts that create the illusion of limitation and separation. It is part of this human experience, so it is okay. But it is also okay to wake up and realize your true essence.

Act on your intuition, trusting that it is for your best. When you stop to try to control your life, all becomes more simple. You make peace with yourself and struggling ends. You are the only, real enemy you can encounter in this human experience. No one else can hurt you but yourself.

Others may mirror this inner wrong ideas about yourself. Reality is a mirror of what dwells within us. And the solution is using what happens without and going within to fix it. And this fixing is achieved by undoing and not more doing. 

Letting go the need to control, letting go the need to judge who we are in comparison with our world, we will realize that we already are what we wished to be and even more than we wished to be. Let it be.

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