quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2016

What are you willing to struggle for ?

Life is simple as it is and yet from our human point of view it seams to be difficult, it seams necessary to struggle a lot in order to achieve what we believe to be the place we have to achieve. This discomfort comes from within, it is a inner call for your attention, that is so focused in the outward reality. 

But what you believe to be reality for you, the outward world is just a mirror of your inner world. All happens first within and then it is projected outward. It is like that to this limited consciousness, that is this human body and its mind.

And there is nothing wrong with it, it is supposed to be like that, not because I say so, but because it is as it is. In order to realize that, there is nothing we have to do, or become. We already are it, we already are perfect as we are in essence. Even this human reality that we are at this moment, is perfect as it is, with all its not so perfect aspects.

This human reality is based in duality, it is from the differences between what we perceive as good or as bad, that we become more aware of our true essence, from a limited point of view. It is the idea of this human reality, to allow consciousness to be aware of itself from all this millions points of perception of what is, that are each human being.

At the core of this human reality is the ego's game. Ego is this idea of personality that we think to be, based in a human body and its mind. And this personality believes to be separate from other human beings and tries to place itself in face of all other humans that are part of its reality.

The ego's game idea is search and do not find, in order to keep feeding this unsatisfactory state in which  humans live. And this game divert attention to a limited version of our true self, making us relate to each others as competitors for the scarce resources existing in this world. 

The real struggle we have to face in this human experience is how willing we are to remember who we really are. It is a struggle with this inner voice that judges everything and everyone. Is is a struggle against a limited idea that is protected by this mental barriers built by us and because of that they are so powerful over us.

The solution for it all is surrendering, it is acceptance of life as it is, as we are. Starting believing that life unfolds as it is supposed to unfold, having faith that all happens for a reason and that this human level of consciousness can not understand the grasp of it all. And it is okay.

There is no grater goal for us to achieve as humans, other than living life as it unfolds moment to moment. Without attachment to any particular aspect, because all is temporary in the human realm, but our essence is timeless, is unlimited. 

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