sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

It is never enough when you believe to be not enough

No matter what you do in your life, it will not change until you find a way to trust yourself, to know yourself truly. If you have that feeling of lacking something in you, if you believe not to be enough as you are and the way you respond to it is searching and searching, ever unsatisfied, feeling down with yourself, believing to be not worthy.

This sensation can only be filled from within. It is within you that you will realize that in fact there is nothing lacking in you, you will realize that your essence is perfect as it is. And that is this idea of unworthiness  that keeps you deluded of your true essence.

Normally when this felling of not being enough comes to a human being, the first thought goes to the external world trying to find someone to fill the gap, someone that entries in your life and gives you the sensation of wholeness. 

And in order to feel that you allow yourself to diminish yourself and you live accordingly with this other person's decisions and ideals. You think that being less than this person, you need her to tell you what to do, what is good or bad for you.

You let yourself become totally dependent of this other person and if, and when, the relationship fails you find yourself empty, with no reason to live.

The good news is, it is okay, if you think right now not being enough as you are, not being worthy of love, it is okay. Because in essence it doesn't matter at all, you still ever perfect as you are. But in order to seize fully this human experience just be aware that you have the power to choose it to be different. 

Each and every moment is an opportunity to decide again what you allow yourself to experience.

Begin from a place of love, because you are love, love is your natural being. Whole of you is love, whole of you is life. You, this personality you believe to be, does not need to decide nothing, but to trust in your inner guidance. 

Be aware of the signs that life gives you, it is your higher self talking to you, nothing happens in your life without its approval. If it happens it already has been accepted by your higher self. Through acceptance you will realize how perfect everything is, even when it feels imperfect. all happens for a a reason.

If you keep stuck in not being enough, nothing will ever be enough for you. No matter the number of things you accumulate or achieve, enough is a sensation from within, is a inner connection with your essence, with life as it is, as you really are. Find that place within, do it now, because you can.

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