sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2016

Dealing with the main thing

Your life is yours to live, no one else will live it for you, others may have a lot of opinions about what is best for you, what you should, or not, do, but in the end it is you who live your life. And it is like that for each and everyone of us human beings. 

It is your responsibility to make the best choices for yourself moment by moment. By responsibility I mean response ability, you can handle with whatever comes in your way, otherwise it would not come in your way. Believe it or not, it is like that. You have the resources within you to deal with whatever happens in your life and it is been already accepted by your essence.

Allow me to point out some tips to help you deal with your reality.

Stand up for yourself
You are the one capable to defende your interests, you are the guru in the subject of yourself, no one knows you better than yourself. You know what you like or dislike, what triggers you and the way it makes you feel. So stand up for yourself with love,state your opinion respecting the others opinions too. And feel free to say no. No is sometimes the best word for you, you may say no to someone or something and doing so you say yes to yourself. But don't go to the extreme of saying no to everything, stay balanced.

Your value is granted
Your value and worth are not tied to anything or anyone, your value is granted by nature, by your essence, that is perfect as it is. And nothing can diminish your essence in any possible way. You can delude yourself of being under valued, you can tell a story about no being worth, but in essence it does not matter. Just accept yourself as you are with love and all falls into place. Try it.

Get out of your own way
You are your only enemy, no one else have the power to hurt you. You alone can do that. And it all happens in your mind, you create the caracteres and the role they play in your reality, mostly unconscious, but nevertheless it is you. Being more aware of who you really are, stopping to try to control your life and letting life guide you, it is the way of getting out of your way. Life is simple and perfect as it is, and you are it, you are life. You do not have the choice of not being life. So stop the war against it and love it as it is, as you are.

Keep the main thing, the main thing
And the main thing is that you are not your thoughts, you are the one aware of them and all else that happens in your reality. You are the space where it all unfolds. The main thing is that only love is real, you are alive now and nothing can change that, no stories can change that. Keep it simple, enjoy reality as it is without being attached to any of it in this human experience. Allow yourself to flow with life, let it be and yes, sometimes you still believe to be unworthy, something will happen that make you feel bad, it is okay, it is part of being human. But it does not affect your essence, what you really are. Whatever comes just live it all fully as it is.

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