quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Problems won't go away unless you do

Problems exist in your life because you exist in your life. This you is the limited idea of you, is the ego, this little self bound to this body and the mind that controls it. In order to end all your problems you have to put an end to yourself first.

How you do that?

Does it mean that you have to die, to put an end to your life? No it is quit the contrary, it means to wake up from the illusion of self. It is putting and end to the victimhood. You are the cause of this reality you think to find yourself in.

It 's  your beliefs about who and what you are that derives the experiences you're elluded to have. You are not what you think you are, you are not your thoughts. You are the unlimited space where they occur and all experiences happen also. 

You are life experiencing itself through this limitations relating one anothers. Life ain't something that happens to you, it is all you. What you see as reality is just a mirror of what happens first within. And so what you perceive as problems are reflexions of things that you've been ignoring within you. Be it unconscious or consciously.

Problems are just things that you labeled as problems, if you allow them to be seen as challenges you give yourself in order to evolve, in order to remember who you are in essence. Use what you've seen this fare as problems as signs to guide you in the right path back home.

Ultimately the you who thinks has problems isn't real, it is just a habitual thought, it is just a story that you created and keep developing moment by moment. And it is okay to create this story, to enjoy each moment of it. If you do it without attachment. But if you feel you can't be unattached of this story, it is also okay, because you always do what you're prepared to do and happens to you only what you're ready to deal with.

Life is simple and perfect as it is. You are life, you are simple. Problems come and go. The you you think you are come and go. Your essence still unchanged, still peacefully loving. As it is.

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