quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014

Good enough

The idea that you are not good enough can only render suffering and disapointment to you. This idea is just that, an idea, it is you that give it meaning and power over yourself.

 Whatever you think you are, you are not it. Thoughts appear in you and they limit you if you allow it. You are responsable for this human experience, meaning that you have the response ability to deal with what may come.

The real secret to live a happy life is to be aware of awareness.

You realize that you are much more than the personality that you believed to be. You realize that you are prior to any story that unfolds in you, and you will be here after the end of it.

Your essence knows all of this, it needs no proofs to sustein it. But your ego needs proofs, it will question all of this. It will say that this is unreal, that you are going to loose yourself and even die, allowing such thinking.

Ego makes you believe that you are not good enough, that you have to suffer a lot in order to be, somewhere in the future, happy. But future is just a thought appearing in the now, it will never come.

You are good enough as you are right now. Good enough to deal with every situation that life presents you, because if it happens you already accepted it in your essence. Otherwise it would not happen.

Accepting reality as it is, as you are. Embrace it all with love.

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