segunda-feira, 4 de agosto de 2014

Right or Happy

Right or Happy?What do you choose?

This question can only be putted to this limited idea of you, the ego. As humans we are egos, only egos needs to defend his ideas, to defend his position against what others think or say about him or his reality. And this is so, because we believe to be separate from each other, we believe that what we think of each others hasn't any effect on what we are as individuals.

As humans what we think about other persons tell more about ourselves, than about them. This means that we can't judge others, is it bad to judge others? It is if you believe it is, judgment is part of being human, we are always perceiving things around us, and we do so, by judging, by comparing with memories stored in our minds.

Humans have a limited perception of reality and if someone tells that it is different from what you think it is, you will feel that you're being attacked and you'll defend your ideas as the truth, the ultimate truth. But you know what? There´s no ultimate truth to us humans, all of us is right, even when we are wrong.

We think things are as we see it,as we perceive it. But there's as many truths as there's human beings. And we live with each other and being inflexible defending what we see as the only way to see, is just a source of suffering. Sometimes instead of choosing to be right we can choose to be happy, because we are in essence, all of us. 

In reality this choice ain't real, because only happiness is real, our limited perception ain't a real option but to us, while believing to be this personality. 

So how can you say both things and still be true? 

Because there's different levels of consciousness and this is understandable differently according to which level of consciousness is perceiving this.

This is all part of the game of being human, being a ego. It is as it is. And it is okay, even if you don't agree with it, you're right. Whatever you choose to believe you're always right and the good news is that nothing of that can diminish what you really are in essence.

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