segunda-feira, 24 de abril de 2017

What is and thinking about it

Life is whole and all, it lacks nothing and you are it. You are life being as you are, but what you really are is different from what you think you are. Thought arises in you and as it comes goes. The question is that you are much attached to thoughts, you believe, as human, to be what you think you are and you believe to be true what you think about reality around you.

But reality is not what you think it is, reality or life in general includes also what you think about it, but it ain't just it. There are as many realities as humans beings, all of them eluded to be living life as it is for them. This belief is partial, it makes you feel as separate from everything else. It makes you accept that there is a you and them.

Realizing that you are not what you think you are and that reality is not what you think it is may concern you, may make you feel that there is something wrong with you and that, is also a stream of thoughts arising within your mind, they are not true. It is more of the same.

How to deal with it?

Just notice, just be aware. Be present to that stream of thoughts. Judgment still occurs, it is natural, it is supposed to be like that, it is part of this human experience, otherwise you wouldn't be alive as human. But being present you become more and more aware of your true nature, that you are this unlimited space where it all happens.

There is nothing limiting you in essence, there is nothing damaging you in essence. Nothing happens to you personally but in you, as you in its multiple forms and manifestations. 

Realizing that you are not your thoughts you become aware of how free your really are, you become aware that nothing can hurt you, that all in your human reality is mirroring this thought streaming of your mind. This chain of thoughts that constitute your life history is what you call personality, what you believe to be, the body and your given name,in sum, it is the ego.

Ego is part of you, it is helpful within this range of frequency that is more dense but your are much more. Being more aware and detached from this idea, from ego, allows you to seize more each and every moment of this human experience. You know that nothing is against you, there is no real enemies out there.

Whatever you dislike in your reality is as valuable as what you like, it is your judgment that separate one from the other. To your essence they are equally important, equally deserving of attention, all is experience. No matter the thoughts about what happens, no matter the judgment that arises, if it happens it is perfect, because it is what happens and it was already accepted by your essence.

From you it is asked only to be present in the now, in fact it can not be otherwise. You can think that you are not in the now but, once again, it is an illusion. Only now exists, only now is real, all illusions occur in the now and you can be aware of them in the now. 

So just for now, love it as it is.

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