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4 Tips on how to succeed on changing


Changes are difficult to achieve, most of all because of the expectations we put in them. Humans look forward to big changes in their lives. But to change ain't easy, it requires effort, persistence and lot of energy. Here are some tips in order to help you succeed on changing.

1 It is easier to start with small changes

You can set a big goal about what you want to change, but if you focus in that, it's most likely you fail than to be successful. Each set back will demoralize you and you'll most likely give up. Instead if you start with small changes, you'll succeed and gain motivation to keep going and achieve higher changes. Because real change happens within first and then is projected outward. Real change happens in the mind.

2 It is easier to sustain small changes

Small changes are easier to sustain, because they demand less energy from you. And they allow you to adjust to the new situation without resistance. And so, step by step a new you arises, without sudden radical changes that will encourage strong resistance and rejection from the old you. Also, small changes can be achieved in less time and you can do them immediately. Incremental changes add up to huge changes.

3  Observe your self-talk

In order to change you have to be aware of what's going on within you. Observe the self-talk you've been having. This little voice that is always present and that can sabotage all your good intentions. You are your worst enemy, no one else can do you so harm as yourself, as your self-talk. That constantly puts doubts in your mind. This voice says in don't deserve to be happy, to be successful, that you have to struggle a lot in order to be someone. Be aware of your beliefs, in them you'll find what you really need to change. Changing your beliefs, your reality will change also. What really changes is the way you see and relate to your reality.

4 Be kind

Be kind to yourself and to all people around you. Being kind you allow yourself space to be more aware of your true essence. And being more aware of yourself you will realize that in truth there's nothing for you to change other than the idea of yourself, the perception of who you really are. Doing small changes allow you to detach from this limiting idea of self, this idea that you are just a body and the mind that controls it. Your essence is unlimited, it is the space where this human experience is occurring. Be kind to yourself, because you are life, all of it, be it perceived as good or bad. It is all you.

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