sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2014

Non dual

Non dual is as it is. It is whole. 

Non dual means that it is not two, there's no separation of any kind. Whatever is perceived as separate is just an illusion. It's not what we think it is. As humans we think ourselves to be separate from reality. It is I and you, us and them. And from this idea of separation steams all that we consider problems.

Separation is fear based. Fear of not being good enough, of not being complete, a idea of lack that has to be fulfilled. Fear is a illusion that diverts our attention from our true nature. Our essence is perfect as it is, it knows no limits, it is timeless.

Being non dual it doesn't mean that it is one. To be one in itself is limited. One is a unity. Non dual means limitless, all is occurring in it, not within or without. 

Non dual knows no concepts. Concepts arise only within limitation, within this limited idea of self, the ego, this personality that we believe to be. But the ego is not our enemy, because it exists. If it wasn't meant to be it wouldn't exist. 

All is perfect as it is. Only the ideas we create about what is can be imperfect, but in itself they are illusions, meaning they are not what we think they are. But this limited ideas are a play of awareness being aware of itself.

The need to know more, to know the truth, to know who we are in reality. All this is part of being human. 

And it is okay, to know that all is well as it is, no matter what happens it is okay, because it is already accepted, otherwise it wouldn't occur. Be kind to yourself, stop biting yourself for not be as you think you should be. Just accept yourself as you are. By accepting yourself as you are you will remember who you are in essence.

You are whole, you are pure love. This also are concepts but they are useful to allow you remember your true nature and let go all ideas of limitation. 

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