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How can you empower your life

Life is a mystery and you have two choices to make, one, you seek to seize the best of it each moment, or two, you try to figure it out, to control it and you will get lost in the way. Whatever you choose it is okay and no harm is done, because what you are in essence is perfect and unchangeable.

Life is much more than we think it is. Life is all things, nothing exist out of it. We are life also. As humans we are small parts of it. Humans are points of consciousness about life, there's as many points of consciousness as humans beings. All different, but none better than the other.

Nothing in life is useless, everything matters and contributes to the perfect balance of life.

Consciousness is what allows us, as humans, to be aware of our existence and the existence of all else. Consciousness allows us to relate with our surrounding and act upon it.

Consciousness allows us to be aware of our sense of self and the more aware we are, more connected we are with life in its fullness. And that there's no real separation between us and what seems to be apart.

What is seen as reality is a projection of our inner world and we deal with it not by first acting in the outer world, but acting first in the inner world. Changing the way we perceive things, things will change for us.

We change the way we perceive by changing our relation with thoughts. Thoughts happen in us, but they are not us. If we are attached fully with them, we are choosing to limit ourselves. And sometimes this means to suffer a lot, to believe to be a helpless victim of a rough world.

So what to do?

There's nothing needed to be done,but just to be as you already are. Being aware of your true nature, of your essence. And that comes by observing thoughts as they come and go. You are this silent witness that observe it all. Is your attention that empowers what is manifested in your reality.

By witnessing it all you'll realize that all is simple and perfect as it is. No matter what happens in your human reality your essence still perfect and unchangeable. With this awareness you free yourself to seize each moment as it is without thinking that you are in danger.

Enjoy each moment for what it is, sometimes may be good and sometimes may be bad. Just be with it, feel it all.

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