sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015

Accept the gift of life Now

Life is a gift been given you each and every moment. And it happens always now. You can perceive it or not, from your human point of view, but may you perceive it or not as it is, it still as it is. The least you resist to the present moment as it it, more peaceful is your interaction with life. 

When you stop the war against what is, against what you really are, you realize that all is perfect as it is, as it always been. You will realize that life happens for you, not to you. Life is there to support you, to guide you, because you are it, you are life.

The path of least resistance allows you to be filled with peace and love, because it is what you are in essence. And least resistance means not, to give up and do nothing, but to let things be as they are, as you are. Your problems, what problems means to you anyway, arise when you try to force reality to be as you think it should be, instead of what it is actually. 

Choose to focus your energy on moving toward what your heart desires, not on moving away from what you do not want. When you choose to move away from what you do not want, you are reinforcing your attention on what you don't want, and what you focus on becomes real to you, it gains life to you. 

Giving what you don't want your focus you are giving it power over you and creating a veil over what you already are. 

And what you already are is perfect as it is, it is whole, it lacks nothing. So by choosing to move toward what your heart desire you are stepping forward to what you already are in essence. You are aligning with your core, with life and flowing with it, that is the path of least resistance.

It doesn't mean that you'll never be sad again or face difficulties, what it means is that you know that no matter what, you are fine, nothing can hurt or diminish what you are in essence. You know that whatever happens your essence already accepted it and you can handle it, you can cope with it. 

When you face harsh times and feel overwhelmed, just tell yourself "I am not alone, I am more than this" and rely on your higher self, on your essence to lead you to do the right thing, the one that serves best your path in this human experience, it may not be what you wish it to be, but it will always be what is best for you. 

Accept the gift of life now, it is a gift, a opportunity to be aware of life happening in you, as you. Feel the love within, spread it and watch it grow, watch it doing its magic. 

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