quinta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2018

Make it count

This is the beginning of a new year and many people set goals of things to accomplish or changes they want to make. But in fact instead of goals they are setting wishes, desires, because they do nothing to achieve the goals, they do not set a time schedule to achieve them. It is just a whim of new year, nothing more.

If you truly desire change to happen in your life, it can only star first within you. It is within you that real change occur, it is there that true answers can be found by yourself, if that is what you really want. If it is the truth that you are seeking, you will find it only within you, no matter how far you may travel, no matter how many people and so called experts you may consult, it is only within you that real answers can be known.

The change that you seek it is waiting you wherever you stand right now.

You know much more than you think you know. Your true essence is wise, it knows it all, it is all. There is nothing happening outside of it, no matter the name you put it, you are it. But the you I am talking about, it is not the you you think you are.

The you you think you are is just a limited part of your true self. It is known as ego, this personality that you've been raised to believed to be all of you. You are it also, it is part of you and it is helpful in the existence of this human reality. But you are more than just a body and the mind controlling it.

I am not telling you nothing new, you know this, your essence knows this. Just allow yourself to remember this. Go within and you will find proofs of that, not because I say so, but because you will experience for yourself, you will feel it for yourself.

Knowing this will set you free to experience even more this human life, this limited experience of self. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not perfect as a human being, but your essence is perfect. Your essence knows no difference between what you deem as wrong or right, it encompasses all, it embraces all.

So if it is change that you are looking for start by acknowledging your current circumstances  as they are. See what makes you feel good, satisfied and what makes you feel bad, angry, unsatisfied. Instead of avoiding this last ones, reach for them and learn from them. They point to you what can make you evolve your awareness of yourself and your role in this human reality.

This moment is a excellent moment to start. Now is always the best moment, because there is no other moment. If you wait to the perfect ideal moment for you to start, it will never come. So this is it, now is the time for you to embrace what you truly are and get in the flow of life. Enjoy the ride with all ups and downs, no matter what may come you still alright, your essence remains perfect as it is, nothing can change that. Make it count

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