quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013

5 Tips for a good life

Life ain't something that happens to you, you are your life; life begins within and then is projected in your reality to experience. In itself life is perfect, no matter what you think about it, even the events that you consider negative for you, they happen for a higher good.
Now a give you 5 tips to allow you to perceive the perfection of life:
1 Acceptance
Whatever is your present situation accept it, if you fight against it, if you resist it, it will persist as it is,or get worst.When you accept it as it is, you allow yourself to realize the positive aspects that abide in the situation, you create space in your attention to allow yourself to evolve from it.
2 Responsibility
You are not guilty for what happens to you, but you are 100% responsible for for what happens to you,for your life.Meaning that that you have the response ability to deal with whatever happens in your life, for other wise it wouldn't happen.
3 Trust
Be trustful that it happens only what is the best for you in each moment, even if it doesn't seem so. Life always gives us not what we want, but what we need, in order to evolve, in order to a higher consciousness of Self. 
4 Be the person you want to meet
If you want to be surrounded by more happy and supportive people in your reality, start by being that person, be supportive and happy  to the ones around you.Contribute for higher achievement of the ones that are in your life and you will get more of that in your life. You always get what you give.
5 Love begets love
Share your love wherever you go, love increases as you share it, as you give it away. Love begets love and you will realize that life gives you more and more signs of love in all situations.You will found yourself surrounded with love and peace,even in that situations that are challenging  for you, that are more difficult if you look for it you will find love in it.

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