terça-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2015

You have the choice to simplify your life

As we are we are perfect in essence, there's nothing lacking, all happens in us. But what we think we are is not what we truly are and hence we do not see ourselves as being perfect. We believe to be limited by a body and a mind controlling it. And this mind for us, as humans, is the thoughts in continuum streaming appearing in our "heads". 

So what to do with it? How can we see ourselves as we really are?

The answer lies not in trying to control the ego or even destroy it, but in accepting it as it is. Becoming aware of the ego as this collection of thoughts, a story built upon the years and that we believe to define who we are. Paying attention to it, you become aware that the ego appears in you, but you are much more than it. 

The ego is also part of you, it is real, and if it happens it is okay for it to happen, otherwise it wouldn't happen, it wouldn't exist. In other words it it okay to be human, there's nothing wrong with it. Right or wrong is the consequence of being attached to this story you believe to be, this personality that you are used to accept as being you, all of you.

But the life that you are, the essence of you, gives you endless opportunities for you to realize who you really are. All that happens in your life as human has the single purpose for you to know your self. It is within the contrasts of human experience that you become more aware, that you evolve your level of awareness.

In itself our essence doesn't need these human experiences, because it is perfect and whole and from the point of view of essence these experiences doesn't exist as separate things. These experiences matters only to each and every one of us, while believing to be these stories, we believe to be.

And we can make of it what we want it to be, by the way we relate to it, by the way we let ourselves be attached and limited to it. Life is simple, but thought is complex. Thought complicates things, elaborating scenarios upon scenarios and in the process keeps us away from now, from the present moment, where we truly live.

You have the choice to simplify your life by being aware of thoughts. Watch them and as they come, they go while you remain the same. When your attention  ain't fully taken by thoughts you can notice the signs that essence gives you to remind yourself of who you really are.

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