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How to be more happy now

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Happiness is a myth that most humans try to achieve, it is seen as something that we can possess, something that we can accumulate as like any other object. And in order to be happy people will make any effort and due sacrifices, because it is commonly known that we have to suffer a lot before achieving the right to be happy.

If you believe in the above, you are right and to you it will take a lot of effort and sacrifice until you allow yourself to be happy. But it is all in your mind, it is your perception that makes it so. And your reality will prove you right, because reality, your reality, is a projection of your inner reality.

You can choose now to see it differently and you do that by changing your perception of yourself and consequently of your reality. Just be aware of your beliefs. It can be helpful if you write it down, put on paper what you believe about yourself and your life. Take whatever time you deem necessary until you write it all down, just be truly honest. By doing that you allow some space between you and your beliefs, you gain perspective.

Stop being so rigid, it is okay to change your opinion, you don't have to do always the same things in order to feel as yourself. It is not because you've always done things in a certain way, that you have to do it forever. If you keep doing the same things don't expect to achieve different results. Life is flexible, it adjusts itself accordingly to whatever feels right in the moment, it is flowing and experiencing itself in every things. You are it, you are life.

Whatever you think you need, you already are it. It is the sense of lacking and the need to fulfill it, that keeps you away from realizing how perfect and complete are your essence, right now. The idea that you have to struggle in order to, maybe one day, experience happiness, is in itself the greater obstacle that you have to overcome.

Let it be, in reality you don't have to do nothing in order to be happy, to feel happiness, by the contrary. When you allow yourself to be as you are, as you truly are, not as you think you are, you will be clearing all the clutter that is stopping you to see what is in front of you, what is actually you, right now. 

Stop trying to control life, trying to make it what you think is the best for you. No matter what happens life is there for you, life knows what is best for you, even when you think that you are all alone, that something or someone in the universe is conspiring against you, you are all right. Life is supporting you, life is you, all of it. 


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