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Tips for a mindful life

Life in itself is whole, it lacks nothing and you are it. Without you there's no life, from your point of view. And you can only speak from your point of view as human. It is like this for every and each human being.

What we consider to be our life is just our point of view, it is our perception of the occurrences happening in our daily life. This perceptions are limited, they don't hold the big picture, the overall view of existence, the overall view of our essence. So, using this limited perception of reality and making it the governor of our life as human, is choosing to limit what is unlimited by its nature.

The things you consider as problems in your life abides in the interpretation you make of what happens, because you don't see things as they are, you see them as you interpret them. And your interpretation is limited by the stories arising within your mind. Those stories use the past as a guide for perceiving what's occurring in the present.

You can choose right now to be aware of those stories appearing in your mind, just notice them, without trying to control them, just be the witness. It is your attention that empowers them or not. Stories come and go, but you remain the same, your essence remains perfect and simple as it is.

You have the power with your attention to empower anything in your reality. Whatever you choose to give your attention becomes powerful to you. If you are focused in negative things, more negative things will appear to you in order to feed your attention. Otherwise, if you choose to be focused in positive things, more positive things will appear to feed your attention.

Whatever you focus on will grow in your attention in order to prove you right.

Just be mindful to this moment now, be aware of whatever comes, it is okay, because it is what comes. Whatever you resist will persist in your attention in order for you to deal with it properly. And properly means to see it as it is and not as something against you. 

Life is there to support you, even when things seems to be against you, they happen for you to wake-up and remember who you really are. Right or wrong, good or bad, are just interpretations you make, is your perception that makes it one or another.

Whenever you feel to loose yourself, whenever you feel overwhelmed by events, just pause, take a breath. Focus in the breath, feel the life within you and gain another perspective over the situation and you will see things differently and the solutions will present itself to you.

You don't need to control your life, your reality, you just have to be present, just let it be as it is and you will have it all.

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