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Are you in blaming mode?

Blaming is a attitude that takes you away from your real self, that deludes you from your essence and makes you believe to be a victim of circumstances. And when you are a blamer you will have a lot to blame. And the more you are focused in the blaming mode, the more you will find reason to be blaming about. 

When you allow yourself to be a blamer you are choosing to limit yourself, you are choosing to believe to be less than you really are. Blaming is a ego's system of survival, making you believe that you are separate from everything else around you and that they are responsible for your misfortune. And this is endless until your realize the illusion of it all and you become more aware of yourself.

Being more aware of yourself means knowing that you hold the key to every solutions you have been wishing for, you will realize that what you believe to be your reality, is just a perception of reality, not reality as it is. 

And others has nothing to do with it, they simply mirror what you believe to be real, your beliefs about what life should be. This includes all of it, the good things and the bad ones. The good things it is peaceful for you to accept it as being a reflection of your inner reality, but when talking about the bad things, you will reject fiercely that it is also a projection of your inner reality.

But is is this same rejection that gives this shadow side of yours power over you. Whatever you reject in you will gain power over you until you face it. When you allow yourself to face your inner shadow you will realize that it is natural, that it can teach you a lot about yourself and that it is part of this human experience. In essence being good or bad has no real effect over you.

So it is up to you to choose to be completely free of limitations and seize your human reality as it is without attachment.

Be more aware of what is happening within you, be aware of this wider range of feelings, of sensations occurring within you right now and how it manifests. Be the observer and gain the freedom to decide what is important or not to you, moment by moment.

Being mindful allows you to be the observer, to be detached from what is occurring in your reality, be it blaming others or complimenting them. If you stay in this blaming mode you will incarcerate yourself within this limited idea of self, the ego, and being not aware of the infinite possibilities out there for you to allow them to be real for you to experience.  

You can allow yourself to try to experience what it is said in this text or you can choose to blame me for keeping your time in reading this. Whatever you choose you are right.

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