sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

Step up

Life will always challenge you in order for you to remember who you really are, not who you think you are. Most of the time you feel that life owes you something, that you are entitled,  feeling that you have the right to do or have what you want without having to work for it or deserve it, just because of who you think you are.

And then life comes and show you that it is not like that, you have to step up and assume the responsibility for you actions, for what you believe to be true, instead of accusing others for your supposed misfortune. 

You can rest and blame others for what goes "wrong", as you perceive it, in your life or you can as easily assume what you are feeling, assume what you perceive as being occurring in your life. And doing that means that instead of reacting you start acting, you become more active.

Start by accepting reality as it is, it does not mean that you stay put, it means you recognize it as it is, without judgmental denial, without rejecting it, but learning from it, seeing how it affects you.

Reality is just a mirror of your inner world, all happens first within you, all happens with the approval of your essence and if it happens it is what is best for you in that moment. May you see it as that or not. 

No matter how hard it may seem to you, if it happens you can deal with it, you have the resources to face it and overcome it and it won't make you stronger, it will only make you aware of how strong you already are, right now and ever.

Just allow yourself to relax, life ain't that hard as it may seem sometimes, you are hardwired to be successful, in the end all is alright.  

Let go the need to control everything, to think how others should behave or not and feeling down when they don't act as you think they should. That only makes you feel powerless and hopeless. You can only control how you choose to act upon what happens in your life.

And others will come and stay in your life as long as they need to learn from you and teach you what they have to teach and as they came they will leave. And it is perfect that way. When it is over, it is over, don't try to hold on to what you think is right for your life and theirs.

Allow life to show you the path you have to take, trust in your intuition and listen your heart. And you will know what to do and say each and every times. Even that it may as well be silence. And surrendering.  

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