quarta-feira, 28 de junho de 2017

It is okay to be you

As human beings we are constantly struggling with what is, we are not satisfied with who we are and with what we have and we are always trying to achieve more and more. We are trying to fit in a idea of what we are supposed to do in life, that we have a path to walk in order to be worthy, in order to be as the image been graved in us of how it is supposed to live this human life.

You can do that if it seems right to you, if its useful to you, but if you are searching for something more, if you feel that you are more than you think to be right now, if you believe that there is more in human life than what you've been told and educated for. Then it means that you are ready to awake-up, you are ready to start remembering your true essence.

You are perfect as you are right now, not somewhere in the future but in this moment now. This you is not the you you grow up believing to be, it is the essence of your true nature. It is one with all existence, it exists no separation within it, nothing exists out of it. 

In essence all humans abide as one, not as parts of some greater being, but as one. 

This human experience is a limited point of view of consciousness, it is as it is supposed to be and as that it is perfect. You are perfect as you are, even within this limited awareness of your essence with all is perfections and imperfections. 

Knowing this will not change your human reality dramatically, it could, but it will allow you to seize more each moment of it because time is just a human condition, it is a mechanism that guides you within the illusion of separation, allowing you to experience a wide range of situations with all its sensations, be it judged as good or bad.

In essence there is only the now, this ever present moment that is all and whole. In essence there is no good or bad, there is no us and them, all is included. This recognition sets you free, in fact just remembers you that you are free, you never seized to be free.

It is okay to be you, within your essence the personality you are attached to, be it the mind and body that you carry, in essence it is embraced, it is included fully. This personality is the ego, a collection of stories since you where born as human. The ego is not your enemy unless you limit yourself to it, unless you are fully attached to it and will fight in order to preserve it against all threats.

Simply start to accept your ego, your personality as it is, knowing that you are much more than it. Within love deal with it, embrace it and set it free to enjoy this human experience by loving all other humans too. 

Allow yourself to be happy as well as to be unhappy when those moments presents to you. Allow yourself to feel sad, as to feel joy. Do not reject nothing that life gives to you. If it happens it is okay, it is supposed to happen and you are ready to deal with it, otherwise it would not occur. In that lies your peace of mind.

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