terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2017

Focus on what you control

Life in itself is simple, it is whole, but as humans we do not see it like that. What we call life ain't life at all, it is just a glimpse of it, a little version of it based in perception. For us, as humans, life can be hard, harsh, complicated, because we make it so. How we do that? By trying to control it, by trying to make it something it is not.

As humans we are never satisfied, we long for more and more and this longing is what push us away from the now, from the present moment where life unfolds perfectly as it is, in its wholeness. Life flows naturally we just have to go with the flow, instead of against it. This human experience we are having can not harm our essence, but we can make the best of it by enjoying it more, by seizing each moment of it.

Knowing this sets you free to be yourself, not what you think others expect from you, but as you truly feel you are. No matter what you do, it will always be someone to criticize you. You cannot please everyone, so stop trying to do it and start acting according with what you feel, with what your intuition tells you to do.

Instead of trying to control how others act and think around you, it will only waste your energy, just focus in what you can in fact control. What you can always control is what you choose to lay your attention upon. You can choose which thoughts you embrace or let go, whatever thoughts you nurture they will change the way you perceive your reality.

Thoughts are just stories arising within your mind and they gain momentum with your attention. Nurture the ones that are helpful to you, the ones that are positively reinforcing your connection with the present moment, instead of the ones diverting your attention, either to the past or to the future.

When you are fully present in the now you realize that you lack nothing, that you are perfect as you are and nothing, and no one, can make of you what you are not. No one can put you out of balance, unless you allow them to do so. You are always in control of how you choose to react to what others say or do.

The more aware of your true nature you are, the more you realize that for real there is no separation between you and others, between you and life. You are life unfolding right now in its fullest dimension. Embrace it, love it and you will see how it changes your perception of reality, your perception of this human experience that you are having.

Change is hard for humans, it needs consistency. Practice, practice, practice until it is your natural perception and modus operandi.

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