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How to accomplish real change

The human being is unsettled, it is always looking for the next thing and this drives a desire for change. But change will never come if its just a way to run away from dealing with what's happening in your life and you don't like it. 

Real change can only occur from within, from a place of connection with your reality. Nothing happens for no reason and the way you choose to deal with it will determine how your life unfolds moment by moment. If something happens and you don't like it  and choose to ignore it, the thing is that it will not go away. 

It will influence your reality until you learn what it is supposed to learn from it and evolve from it. If you deny it, if you choose to look the other way, reality will force it onto you until you have no choice but to deal with it.

In order for change occur you have first to be aware of the reality of the thing you wish to change. You have to acknowledge  its full extent, the way it impacts in you and then you can do something about it.

And that may imply to deal with things you dislike, with thing you wish never existed in you or in your reality, but if its there it is okay, it is supposed to exist, otherwise it wouldn't exist. Things have the power over you that you allow them. The more you resist something, the more power over you it will have.

Choosing to deal face-to-face with whatever is bothering you is the shortest fastest way to overcome it. Only you have real power over what can derail you or not. Things are what you allow them to be for you, reality is simple being as it is and only you can complicate it. You are your worse enemy when you allow disconnection to take place in you.

Your essence is perfect as it is, it embraces whatever happens in your reality your essence does not judges what happens is just accepts it because nothing can damage it, nothing can diminish its perfectness.

Real change occurs whenever you remember who you really are, whenever you embrace your inner life and allow your love to be shared wherever you go. By changing the way you see yourself your reality will mirror that, it will give you proofs of that change of perception. People will come and go in your life in order for you to learn from them and also to teach them and they will stay as much as needed to allow so.

Being willing to accept reality as it is, to accept yourself as you really are unconditionally you will realize that change, real change does not need to occur because there is nothing needed to be changed except the way you perceive yourself and your role in your reality.

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