segunda-feira, 19 de agosto de 2013

Connection can only be made from inside

As humans we look for connection with the ones around us, first the family, then friends and mostly looking for the other "half" of us in order to be completed.
But you can't be connected with anyone else, because we already are connected, we never ceased to be connected, we are all united in essence, we are one.
In order to realize that we are one with all things, with the whole, we just have to connect with ourselves and come to see how that connects us with anyone else.
What is keeping us away from others is just the belief that we are limited to this body and the personality we are used to relate as us.
The one we think we are is just that, a thought, it's just a group of thoughts that we are habituated to identify as our story, and we live on and on, the same story, generating thoughts about thoughts about this personality, so limited that eludes us from the truth of what we really are.
We are this pure presence that sees all this and keeps being perfect as it is, that keeps unchangeable for ever and ever, because it knows no time, it knows no space.
Nothing in life is as important as we think it is when we are thinking about it.
Whatever happens can't change a bit what is our essence, in fact it's all part of us, it's all part of life, a manifestation of consciousness being aware of itself.
All the troubles, all the suffering, all thoughts, all actions occur but there is no one to what this things happen to. Only the illusory limited idea of us, the ego, tries to make us believe that we are it, that we are limited, and as you believe in it, as you put your attention on it, it will be the truth for you.
It is a choice that we can make at each moment, to believe in this limited idea or to be as we truly are.The truth comes from within wherever we are,whenever we choose to look onto it.

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