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6 Tips for playing the ego's game

The ego is just this limited idea of yourself, you believe to be a body and the thoughts appearing in your mind.You see yourself as separate from everything and everyone, and doing that, you are playing the ego's game, where the main goal is search but not find. And you do this in all aspects of your human life, you are always searching for something in order to feel complete, be it in your relationships, your work, your spiritual journey or truth seeking. 

In itself this ego's game ain't good or bad, unless it limits you completely. When you awake to the real you you realize that it is a game and that you can have fun playing it, you can seize it as it is. 

Here are just a few tips to play this ego's game: 

1 Be aware. 
No matter what happens your essence is perfect as it is and immutable.You are unlimited and no game can hurt you, the ego can't diminish you in any way.

2 Just be present in each moment for what it is.
Sometimes the emotions that appear are good, are pleasant, and sometimes they are unpleasant, they can make you feel pain, hurt your feelings. And it's okay to be like that, it's part of the experience. It's the contrast of feelings and sensations that give meaning to the whole of it.

  3 Searching ends when you're ready.
This process of the ego to make you search for a lot of things but not getting it, allows you to evolve your awareness, everything is useful to prepare you to wake up to the real you, to your essence. And that will occur whenever you're ready for it.

4 Accept every part of yourself
Embrace the shadow that abides within you, meaning all the things you reject about yourself, all the things you wished to be different. When you reject them you give them power over you, this things will mess with your life, until you deal with them face to face and learn what's suppose to learn from them.

5 What ever you've been looking for you are it.
Your essence is perfect, you lack nothing, only a illusion of lacking exists because you believe in it. The good news is that it's part of the ego's game, you will realize that when you stop the search and let go, when you completely surrender to your Self.

6 Enjoy the ride.
Seize each moment of this human experience, put all in everything you do, don't hold nothing. Just keep reminding yourself that you are love and all it's okay. 

The ego ain't your enemy, unless you make it so.

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