sexta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2013

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Our life is a mirror of our beliefs, of this internal conflict based on the idea of separation. The idea of being a body and the mind that controls it. Seeing ourselves as separate we accept scarcity as a natural thing and that we have to battle with each others in order to get the most.

If we believe in this separation, reality will give us proofs of that. We will seek and find that we are right, that we live in a dangerous world, a big jungle, and we have to fight to survive, where only the bests and fit will overcome and be successful.

But you have the choice to see things differently. By letting go the need to control, the need to understand everything and set the course of life. We are life. It ain't something that happens to us, that is external and we have to try to fit in.

Whatever we hold on to, will hold us apart. 

Concepts are limiting walls that we build in this awareness space that we are and we get stuck in the illusion that we are within those walls. When in fact we are outside of them. We are the space where they appear. And in itself it ain't good or bad, unless we let ourselves believe that we are it, that we are limited by them.

The beliefs we accept for ourselves will be expressed in our human experience, will be this self-fulfilling prophecy that we will believe to be the only truth, because we've created it.

There's nothing we have to do other than being present in the now, living life as it is, as we are.

And we will realize that all is perfect as it is, because it is as it is. Whatever happens is okay to happen, otherwise wouldn't happen. And sometimes, as humans, we will experience events as good, other times as bad, but all will pass. And our essence still perfect and unlimited as it is.

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