sexta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2013

The end of seeking

Seeking is part of the ego's game, that is seek but don't find. Until you realize the illusion of it, you will still be in this game in order to achieve somewhere in the future the reward for your effort.
But this reward will never come, when you're almost reaching your goal a new one arises, to keep you going in this endless game.
It's time for you to wake up, to realize that you're not a separate entity, that what you are seeking is the disillusion of this game of separation. Whatever you can get outside of yourself, be it a relationship, a perfect job, a lot of money, good health, all of this things can't be compared to what you already are. To what is your essence.
Enlightenment is the enjoyment of reality as it is, without attachment.
So whatever happens in your life, be it judged by you, as good or bad, when you´re tuned with your essence, you don't attach to it. Because you know that no matter what, you still as perfect as you are.
And what you are is not this personality identified with a body, but this pure presence that is prior to all experiencing.
It is with the end of seeking that you will find what you've been looking for. It is the seeking that prevents you from realizing what you already are.
So let go and just be present here and now, simply as you are, seizing every moment of it as it present's to you.

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