quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014

Become a change maker

Change will happen in your life when you stop wanting to change. It is this wanting that prevents you from focusing your attention in the now. Being aligned with this moment, with the now, you will realize that all that you wished for, you are it already. 

Wanting to change means that you are in war with what is, that you are disconnected from your essence, in fact, that you think you are something different from your true nature. You believe to be separate from everything else, that you have to struggle a lot in order to survive, in order to strive. You believe in scarcity and only the well fitted and stronger are winners and all others are losers.

Change is a desire to be different from what you are, but you can not not be what you really are, because you are it. You are all of it, you are life in its fulness. Whatever appears in it, it is okay. Embrace yourself, embrace life with love.

Stopping the war against what is, you allow your attention to be open to the perfectness of this moment, of the now. Whatever happens is perfect because is what happens, you can choose to live it as it is, or drain out your energy  trying to make it what it ain't.

You become a change maker when you accept yourself as you are and make peace with what is. Doing so whatever have to change will occur naturally and you will notice it because you are aware of it, you are aware of the present moment. And you will flow with life confidently, loving what is, trusting in your heart to take the right decisions when they are required.

You become a change maker by being the example that others can look up to, and will follow if they feel to.They are as they are and not as you think they should be, but if you are honest with yourself, if you honer your essence, you set and example that they will recognize within themselves.

What you can change right now is the way you relate with yourself, is the way you perceive your reality. Because you are always relating to yourself, reality is a mirror of your inner world. Just observe what happens within, you are this pure presence that watches it all. Rest in silence, be present.

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