quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

Being human is living in duality. Awakening is loving it as it is.

Being human is living in duality, that's part of the nature of human kind, is part of the game.  In order to experience fully, it have to be contrasts, you can only know the meaning of good because you know also the bad. You can experience happiness, joy in contrast with sadness. And so on.

Duality in itself ain't good or bad. What can be good or bad is the way we relate to it, is the way we seize this opportunity to experience ourselves within this limitations, of body and mind. The real experience is to overcome this limitations not by avoiding them but by experience them fully.

There are several layers of limitation, several levels of awareness in order to allow different experiences, different challenges to consciousness become conscious of itself. By itself consciousness is perfect, the absolute is perfect, is whole and embraces within itself this experiences of limitation.

But humans are not left alone in this realm of duality, they can awake to their real essence, their real nature and being so allow others to remember their real nature and not fear whatever comes in their way.

True awakening is loving reality as it is, with all its dimensions, all its illusions.

The path to awakening is the point and not awakening by itself, because our essence still ever perfect, nothing can change that, nothing can damage or diminish that. It is as it is, it can not be defined by the human mind, or grasped in its totality.

Denying  duality won't make it away, it can only make it look like something different, but still dual. Instead be present and enjoying it all. All of it, be it perceived as good or bad. Whatever happens you already accepted it, because it is happening. 

Love reality as you perceive it, spread your love wherever you go. Whatever happens is okay.

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