terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2014

The secret for a simple life

Life is simple and perfect as it is. As humans we don't experience that all the time. And why that happens?  That happens because we aren't present in the now. We let ourselves dwell on thoughts, mostly,  about the past or being anxious about the future.

It's only our thinking that complicates the way we perceive our life, the way we perceive reality. The life we believe to be living exists only in our mind. This life,that we created, is just a projection of what happens within.

Real life is simple and we are it, we are life. All of it, nothing is left out of it, because nothing exist out of it. Everything matters, everything has a role to play, contributing to the perfect balance of the whole.

And so what is the secret for a simple life?

The secret is letting be, this letting be is all about yourself, in fact no matter what you do, life still as it is. By letting be you allow yourself to be fully aware of the perfectness of life. There's nothing you need to do in order to make life better than it is.

Just let it be as it is and you'll get in the flow with it, actually you'll be aware that you are it, that all happens as it have to happen and all you have to do is be present.

Sometimes it is said to let go, but it is more accurate to let be. Letting go implies effort from you and this lead to complications. When you let be you just have to notice, to be aware of life unfolding, while your 'normal' life happens.

Simply say yes to life, say yes to yourself.

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