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Do you value yourself enough?

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Your value is independent of what you think, no matter what you believe about yourself, about if you are worthy or not. Your essence still perfect as it is and nothing can diminish that. Your beliefs are just stories that you keep telling yourself and you validate them with your attention, but that can only affect your perception of reality, of what you consider to be your life.

Life ain't something that happens to you, life is all about you, you are it. Without you there's no life, from your point of view. As human only you can live your life, no one else can do that for you. Other people can have opinions about what you should or shouldn't do, but is is you, and only you, that is living your life.

And you are 100% responsible for your life, meaning that, that you are response able to deal with whatever comes in your way. Within you, you have all the resources to seize each and every moment of this human experience. Be it perceived as good or bad by you. You have to live it all, nothing can be put apart, whatever you choose to set aside, to ignore, whatever that maybe, it will condition your life. And as greater the resistance, greater will be the impact in your life, be it consciously or not.

So just be present, fully present for life as it is. Embrace it all, experience it all without trying to force it to be something different than it is. This trying to condition it to be as you wish it to be, can only divert your attention from what it is and ens brings more friction, more resistance, more of what you consider problems, until you are forced by circumstances to give up. And then you discover  what you really are in essence.

You can avoid to encounter such resistance in your life by allowing your self to accept reality as it is. By letting it be as it is and from you it is only asked to be fully present and aware without clinging to any aspect of it, because all is temporary, all is borrowed to you in order to experience this human life, but you are much more that this body and the mind that controls it.

You are this unlimited space where life unfolds, you are every bit of it. To be truthful what you really are can not be defined, words can not express it, words can only give a small idea of what you really are, words can only point to your essence to help you remember who you are. And the good news is that you don't have a choice to stop being as you are in essence, no matter what you do as human can change what you are in essence.

Essence is as it is, you are it. Nothing can value more than what you already are.

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