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My life should be easier

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If you agree with the title, if you think that your life should be easier, it means that you are absent of the present moment and that you are in struggle with what is. And you know what you are both right and wrong at the same time. Confusing?

You are right, because if you believe that your life should be easier, it is real for you and you will live that reality. You will feel that you don't deserve so much difficulties as you see it. And as you fight back against your reality, what happens is that you are reinforcing that reality that you so much desire to be different.

And at the same time you are wrong, your life is as it is, it shouldn't be different from what is is, because it is as it is. That's it, no more, no less. 

Whenever you distract yourself with what should or shouldn't be, your life still as it is, but you are not living it presently. Your attention is not present in the now, the only moment that is real. All other moments are not real, they exist only as ideas, as thoughts appearing in your mind.

And the point here is not to make those thoughts disappear and replace them for good ones, but to be aware of those thoughts. Be aware of your thought process. You are not limited by your thoughts, unless you allow it. Even that, in essence, you can not limit yourself by those thoughts or anything else.

But as human you can believe to be limited by your thought process. Beliefs are thoughts also. The good news is that as you allow yourself to be limited, you have the power to let go of that limitations and realize what you are for real. 

How you do that?

Just accept yourself as you are. Let be life as it is. Life needs no improvements, it is perfect and simple as it is. And you are it, you are life. Life is not something that happens to you, it is you. At the beginning it may seem difficult, because your relationship with your thoughts are so ingrained in you, that you may feel that you are "killing" yourself, your personality, the person you believe to be.

But it isn't true, this personality is part of you, it happens within you, within the unlimited essence that you are. Be it named the way you feel right for you. The point here is that you are not just this personality you believe to be, and that, makes a great difference in the way you relate with your self and your reality.

Don't believe me, but try it for yourself and you will see the truth. You know better. You know it all, because you are it, this inner intelligence is there to support you, to guide you if you let it. Whenever you are ready, it will be ready too. 

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