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5 Tips to turbocharge your life

Expect nothing have it all

Expectations are a way of frustration, because reality is much more wider than what you can grasp. And when you expect something you are limiting your attention and closing  it to all other possibilities out there. By letting go expectations you allow yourself to be open to infinite possibilities and ready to enjoy what may come.

Trust your inner guidance

You know better when you are really listening your essence, when you are feeling with your heart. Because you are not separate from life, you are it all. You are life in its fullest range. Be aware, be willing to trust that all happens in the right moment, as it could happen and if it occurs it is okay. You already accepted it in essence.

Love is the answer

When in doubt choose love, let it be your action plan to deal with the unknown, to deal with what appears to be painful to you. Love begets love, love leaves nothing behind, love embraces all, love is whole. You are love, it ain't something that lacks in you and that you have to search for it outward. Sense it now. Be in silence and hear love talking to you.

It is about you, not someone else

You hold all that you may think to need, no one can give you what you believe to be lacking. You may consider others to be in your way, to be guilty for your unhappiness but it is all on you. And that means that you are responsible, that you are response able to deal with whatever occurs in your reality. Being conscious of that you know that others are mirroring what lies within you. It doesn't make you to accept their behavior, that is their business, you just have to search within what is projecting that and how to deal with it.

Now is the moment

Past or future are just stories occuring in you in the now. It is your attachment to those thoughts that make you believe them to be true. Look at them now, just observe thoughts appearing and going. You are the one observing, looking even further you will realize that you are beyond the observer also. All occurences happens in the now. Now is timeless, is limitless. The now you believe to know as human is just a transition moment between past and future in a linear timeline. But it is a illusion, it can be helpful to schedule a dentist session or a vacation, but not your worthiness to live fully your life.

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