terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

Embracing the want's

Whatever you think you want is a sign of where you are focusing your attention and a sign of disconnection. Because you only want what you believe is lacking in you, in your life. And it is this idea of lack that deludes you from what you really are in essence. Your essence is perfect it lacks nothing and no thing. It is whole and all.

Lack is a human concept, is just ideas popping up in your mind about what you see around you, what you see others possessing and believing that you need it also, in order to be happy, to be fulfilled. When you compare yourself with other people you are reinforcing the idea of separation, you are believing that there is them and you. And that you have to fight in order to survive in a harsh world.

When asked people tend to say they want to be happy, to have more love and so on. That means they believe they don't have those "things" and that they have to pursuit them in order to feel complete, in order to feel a meaningful life.

In itself it is okay to believe that something or a lot of things are missing in your life. And it is okay not because I say so, but because it is as it is. It is all part of this human experience that allows essence to be aware of itself. It is awareness being aware of itself in this multiple little points of connection.

In essence all is perfect but as humans we are not perfect and that is part of the play, it is part of the game. You just to play along and if is allowed, to remember who you really are. The better way to remember who you really are is by accepting reality as it is and not as you think it should be.

Letting go the should's you start to detach from this limited idea of you, the ego, and start to enjoy with love reality as it unfolds to you, moment by moment.

No matter what your worries are in the end it wont matter, because your essence is immutable in knows no change. Only your human perception of what is real or not, of what is good or not, can be changed and will change as you are ready to deal with those changes. Nothing happens for no reason and it will happen in the right moment, no sooner or latter. And when it happens it means that you are ready to deal with it.

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