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How to win at the game of love

As a human being love is at the core of your life and you can be better playing it as a game. This game you can win it, because you have all the resources to play it well. But even if you feel that you are loosing it, in reality you can not loose love, because you are it, you are love in essence.

From a human point of view this game needs at least two players, it is dual, you and someone else. This someone is a person that you believe can fulfill you, that you believe to be the other half of you and at the beginning of the game it seems so. You will feel bliss, you will feel that all is complete. 

The bad news is that it will pass, this will end and what remains after, will determine what happens to your relationship, it can end or evolve to a different level.

In order to excel at this game, there is a secret and you know this secret, you may not remember it, but you know it well. What is the secret, you wonder? The secret is... that you need no love. You never were incomplete, this is just a illusion.

By remembering that you need no love, you will free yourself to be fully open to enjoy love, to enjoy every bit of it, in its many forms. You will allow yourself to spread away unconditionally your love, without worrying that it will end or that you are receiving it from others too.

The more you are aware of your true essence of love, more you will find it in every situations of this human life. Love is everywhere and love is always the right answer, no matter the doubt you may have. 

When you play this game of love being not aware of your true nature, you will believe to be entitled to receive love from others, to receive theirs fully attention or else they do not really love you. You will believe to know what is best for you and how the other person should act or feel about yourself. 

And when they don't comply it is their fault, this when you are with good self-esteem or it is your fault when you lack self-esteem.

No matter your history within love range, you can now decide differently, you can yet win this game. If you are alive, you are still on the game. No one can be put out of it. No one is unworthy of love, of true love. It is like that not because I say so, but because it is your essence, it is your birth right.

Just accept yourself as you are, or better said, as you think you are. 

Doing that you will stop the war against yourself, and believe me, you are your worst enemy, no one can beat you as you can. Be aware of your inner talk, what you tell yourself about what you are and yours surroundings. This inner talk can make you feel unworthy and then reality will mirror that belief.

Being more aware of this inner talk you can choose where to put your attention. It is your attention that empowers what you perceive and experience in your life. Where your attention goes so there you are.

So choose love, be focused on love, first within, loving every part of yourself, even the things you do not like in you and then look around you and notice love in action, it is out there too, it is a reflection of you. Be aware of the love signs, learn from them and evolve your awareness.

Doing so you will win this game, you will be more open to spread your love wherever you go and you will find the right person to share your love with. Not because you need their love, but because you are in sink, in sharing your best with each other.

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