sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2016

Three things you do that makes you feel powerless

Not making time for you

It is important for you to take time with yourself, with your real self. But for most humans it is hard to look within and face the real self, no the one you think you are, but the real you. You are used to think that you are what you think you are, this personality that you identify with your body and the thinking occurring in your mind. 

And when you are challenged to see beyond that idea you feel afraid of loosing your mind, loosing yourself. It is like that because you are deeply attached to this idea of you and imagining that you are not just it, scares you. But allowing time with yourself you start to realize that nothing bad comes when you face your real self. 

In fact doing so, you will gain a deeper sense of life, a deeper sense of understanding of who you are and what is the meaning of your life. Try it, because words cannot describe it accurately, only thru experience you can know it.


This adds nothing to you rather than illusion. Worrying is a story you tell yourself about what may happen or not. Worrying keeps you way of the present moment, the only one that is real, and the only one where you can really act. Worrying has nothing to do with what is happening your life now, but a interpretation you make about it.

When you worry you divert your attention from the essential, that is life in the now and doing so you turn on your "complication device". Whatever the challenge life puts in your way it has in itself the solution, that you can only be aware if you are present. But by worrying you are putting yourself away from the present, ens further away from the solutions.

Feeling sorry for yourself

This puts you in victim mode, it weakens you, making you believe not being worthy enough as others to be at your best. You feel that you have to struggle a lot in order to achieve so little. But feeling sorry only reinforces this powerless sensation. It is real for you only if you give it your attention, if you believe in it. The good news is that you can choose to believe differently, you choose where to focus your attention and whatever you focus on, becomes real for you to experience.

Your true self is powerful, it is perfect as it is and it is whole. Whatever the challenges life gives you, you can handle them, otherwise they would not occur. So whenever you find yourself feeling sorry for yourself, just notice it, thank it and let it go. You can choose what suits you better each moment with the guidance of your true self, your essence.

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