terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2016

Tips to face difficulties

Difficulties are part of being human it is what we do when facing them that will matter most to us, because they will come for sure. Here are some tips to help facing difficulties.

Stay with the feeling

Whatever you are feeling just notice it, stay with it as it occurs. How is that feeling manifesting itself in you, what are the reactions in your body, what thoughts arise around that feelings. Just bear with it and it will fade away as it arrived while you remain as you are. Feelings are expressions of yourself but they are not the whole of you.

Loosen the grip

Relax whatever you are holding on to, will only limit yourself and divert your attention from all the others opportunities out there waiting for your choosing. As you tighten the grip lesser is the room to breathe, to let life show you how perfect and simple you already are. The best defense in no defense, only the ones that believe in attack need defense. Trust in life, trust in your inner guidance.

Stop being caught up in your story

As human you believe to be this personality constituted by a body and the mind controlling it. This personality is built since you were born and began to accumulate stories about what you are and should or should not do. Those stories establish the moral book that will judge all that happens in your life. But most of the time you are caught up in your story, trying to do what you think is expected from you, meanwhile life is as it is and you loose great chances to realize your true essence. You can choose to be aware of the story without being fully attached to it, living space for life to surprise you.

Notice what you are avoiding

What you avoid is as important, or even more important sometimes, than what you pursuit. Because as human being you are not perfect, your shadow is there calling for you attention and if you ignore it, you will empower it, you will assign it power over you and it will be reflected in your reality. Instead if you look at it and listen what it has to teach you, you will realize that it is not as bad as you think it was. You will grow from it and become more self aware of your true essence and more prepared to enjoy life as it is. Because you are life, all of it.

Tell yourself "It is okay"

This three words are reassuring, are remainders that whatever happens it is okay, otherwise it would not happen. Your essence already accepted it. Nothing happens by chance in our lives. No matter how though it may seem in the moment, we will overcome it, we will learn from it and evolve our awareness. If it happens we can deal with it. And telling yourself "it is okay" creates a breathing space in your attention to not become overwhelmed by events. And commit mistakes if it may happen, it is natural in a learning and grow process.
So just feel it, it is okay. Say it out loud whenever necessary. It is okay.

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