segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2017

You are it

If you are as most of humans you are not satisfied with your life as it is right now and you are pursuing what you think could make you more happy and accomplished.  But let me remind you, because you know this at your core, that you are perfect as you are right now and so it is your life.

It is the pursuing of something else that keeps you away from reminding that you already are all that you could wish for and even more. 

And it is okay, don't blame yourself for being dormant and not realizing how really great you are. It is part of this human game to be unaware of our true essence, being so you commit yourself fully to the game and you believe it to be all that there is to live. You believe to be this personality identified with a body and all the stories bound to it.

The good news is that you are able to awake, to realize that you are playing a game and not limited by this personality, you are the unlimited space where the personality "dances" and you can seize the experience even more by being detached from it, not denying it, but being not fully attached to it.

Whatever you deny, whatever you resist will gain power over you. And it is not the point here, you do not have to deny anything, because if it happens in your reality it is perfect, it is supposed to occur and it has something to teach you.

All of it is part of yourself, be what you deem as good as well as what you deem as bad and not likable. Both have the same importance to what is your essence and both have the same real impact in it, because nothing can diminish what you are in essence. And you ask yourself if it is so, what is then the purpose of all this human experience.

The purpose is the experience in itself, this kind of emotions, the goods and not so goods, are only possible to experience within this human realm, within this range of energy vibration. Only from this limited point of view it can be fully lived.

You have the choice to live it fully, to seize each and every moment of it. Just be aware of the stories you make up about the occurrences in your reality, because what you deem as suffering can only surface from those stories. The pain is real but the suffering is optional, you create it and as so you can let it go, you can make it go away.

Be respectful of yourself, you are worthy of your love. As you love yourself more others will do the same. As you see yourself others will see you too. Reality as you see it, is a mirror of your inner reality, all happens first within and then it is projected without.

You are it, you are the solution you've been waiting for. You are the magics to solve everything that there is to be solved. If it needs fixing you can do it, if you cannot do it, it is because it needs no fixing. Just embrace it as it is.

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