quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014

Giving meaning

Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning. Reality is as it is, it ain't big or small, good or bad, simple or complicated. It just is. What you take as reality for you is not reality as it is, but as you perceive it. Things happen and then you give them meaning, you judge what happens and by doing that you give it a meaning.

This meaning is your interpretation of reality, but it is not reality. And it is this that is in the origin of all the suffering and sense of separation that you believe to have.

Reality is as it is and not as you think or wished it to be, but you still focused in what it should be. And you insist on that and keep pushing it further and further. This consumes a lot of energy from you, this struggle is destined to fail, because reality is always right. 

It is always right because it is what happens and it is independent from your wishes or anyone else. Reality is to you what you need in each moment, and not what you think it should be. By accepting it as it is, you allow yourself to remember who you really are in essence.

Accepting it doesn't mean to stand still, to stay at home waiting for all to come to you. It means that you embrace what life brings you, because you are it, you are life unfolding in the now. You keep doing what you do but with trust in the guidance of life, of your heart and whatever has to change will change.

Because what really changes is your perception of reality, is the meaning you give to it.

Your essence is perfect as it is, is immutable, it needs nothing and no thing. Whatever comes within this unlimited space that you really are, is okay too, because if it happens you already accepted it, you already allowed it. Otherwise it wouldn't happen. 

Stop the war against yourself, against life, just find the peace that abides in you and is ever present.

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