segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2014

It is all about you

1 You are the one 
Whatever you've been looking for, you already are it. Stop looking outside and go deep within in order to really know who you are. And you will realize that your essence is perfect as it is. That no one can give you nothing beyond what you are in fact. You are the guru of your life, no one knows you better than yourself, no one has the right tips for you beside yourself. Just trust your inner guidance, listen your intuition and follow your heart and you will never be wrong, no matter what happens.
2 You are where you are supposed to be
Life is perfect as it is and nothing happens against you. Whatever happens it is okay, because it is what happens. Otherwise it would not happen and proof for it rightness is its occurrence. Whatever your situation right now it is okay, even if it does not seem like it. Having it seen from the bigger picture all makes sense, all fit in the right place. All is experience in order to make you remember your essence.
3 Say yes to your life
You are life, it ain't something that happens to you. You are it in its full experience, in all its manifestations. When you try to negate something in your life, you are trying to negate yourself. Whatever you push aside it will come back at you even harder in order for you to deal with it. Say yes to life in whatever form it presents to you, doing so you get in the flow of life, in the flow of essence and all it is okay.
4 Giving is the secret of receiving 
And this statement ain't just about material things, it is most of all about who you really are. It is about your true nature. The way we treat others speaks most about who we are and not about who they are. Other people in our life are playing the roles we assigned to them, the projections we laid upon them. All happens first within and then it is mirrored outside. In order to know thy self better you can look around you, around what is happening in your reality. If you don't like what you see, then change what you are giving. Start spreading your love wherever you go and you will see some changes happening in your life.

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