quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2014

Not to be as you are, is not an option

As humans our main source of suffering is trying to be something different from what we are. If that was an option it would be okay, but it isn't. We cannot not be what we are, no matter how hard you try it, or how long you put your effort in it. 

This wish to be different from what we are is part of this illusion of being human, is part of the game. And in itself it's not a problem, it may look like a problem when you believe to be just a body and the mind controlling it. But it isn't a problem, you can create a story about that being a problem, but is just a bunch of thoughts appearing within you. 
Just notice it, be detached and you'll realize that all is okay.

You are perfect the way you are right now, you couldn't be different because you are the way you are. If it was supposed to be different it would be.

Your wish to not be as you are, diverts your attention from the real you, but it can't change or damage your essence. Be aware of all occurrences happening within you, all emotions, all thoughts. There´s no need to change it, or controlling it, just be the awareness of it. 

Doing that you realize that you are the witness of it all, you are the unlimited space where it all happens.

You can't run away from yourself, wherever you go, all of you go. What you perceive as good or bad in you, all your problems, all your beliefs are there with you. As well as the peace and pure love that you are, you don't have to do nothing, just be as you are. And this being as you are is not a doing, is just as it is.

Embrace whatever comes in manifestation in your reality, you are all of it. If you resist it will gain power over you until you surrender fully. As human what you perceive as outward is a projection of what happens within first, use your reality to know yourself more and more.

You are always relating to yourself, even when you're dealing with other humans, you are relating with the ideas you created about them, not as they are in reality. Whatever you think of them tells more about you than them.

The good news is that you don't have to try to let go the trying to not be what you are, begin to accept that trying, be aware of it. Be aware of thoughts appearing within you. Be aware of life, you are it. You are beautiful.

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