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Dealing with the imperfections of human experience

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Real life for human beings are made of good and bad things. Sometimes all is okay from your point of view and sometimes things won't go the way you wished it to be and you suffer with that. And it is supposed to be like that, this human experience is made out of dualism. It is the contrast that allows you to feel the differences and surmounting the challenges that life brings you in order to evolve and elevate your conscious level.

Your essence is perfect as it is, nothing can diminish it whatsoever. The awareness of this allows you to seize even more the challenges life gives you. Knowing that all is okay, no matter what, frees you to feel whatever you have to feel.  Frees you to be fully present accepting life as it is and not as you think it should be.

But it also allows you to try to change life and make it what you think it should be. You will fail trying, but it is your choice to do so and learn from it and you know that it is okay too.

Humanity is not perfect, relationships between humans and nature is not perfect. And it is okay too.

Can you see that, can you sense it? Nothing happens for no reason, all is entangled and one action takes to the next one and so on. If we could have the big picture we would see the perfection of it all.

This doesn't mean that we stand still and do nothing. Doing what we can to stop the atrocities happening around us, is part of our human experience. Each of us have to do what he can and if each and everyone of us do what can, all added can make a huge difference in the world.

This human experience is not just "flowers and kisses", the things judged as bad allows you to wake up from your auto-pilot and search for answers and in the process you will find yourself, your true self. Knowing that you have it all, that your essence is perfect and simple as it is, that you are life, all of it.

That is the point of living. The purpose of your life is life itself. There is no great goal to achieve, no enlightenment trophy to gain, but to live your life fully present as it is without attachment. All is temporary in this human reality, you borrow everything and take nothing with you in the end.

So stop fighting for pointless things and choose love instead. Love yourself, love your life and all around it. Share your love unconditionally and life takes care of you. 

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